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Desktop machine

My desktop machine has an Intel motherboard, 3.0GHz Pentium CPU, 3G Ram, DVD/CD writer, DVD/CD ROM, 125GB SATA hard drive configured as the 2nd drive. In place of the main boot disk I have a drive caddy.

Desktop picture here

This shows my office desktop with a light colored disk caddy in place. The drive inside is 160GB, large enough for several OSs. The label on the handle reads "Arch", but the disk can multiboot Arch, OpenSUSE 11.1, Mepis 8, PCLinuxOS 2009, or Fedora 11.


Caddy picture here

Here is an example of a caddy with a black bezel. I have 12 of these (all containing drives of 20GB to 120GB), and 5 of the part that goes into the computer to accept it. The little white label on the handle of this one says "Debian" (Lenny, of course)


The only downside of this is that the caddies only work with PATA drives. Which is also an upside, since I only need smaller drives since each one typically contains a single, independent OS. And all my PATA drives are typically 20G - 80G.

I have WinXP, Win2000, Debian, Sabayon, as well as experimental versions of Fedora and PCLinuxOS on other caddies. I downloaded Windows 7 and installed it on drive in a caddy, but it doesn't work nearly as well as any Linux on my hardware, so it sits on the shelf unused.

Mepis Mint

Tried Mepis 8 on my Dell laptop. Too bad it was not able to 'repos' (verb meaning to contain in a repository) the nvidia modules needed to run my GeForce Go 5200. I know I could build the driver from scratch; been there, done that. Tired of it.
Plus, Mepis kept disconnecting me from the wifi at my work. Something in it repeatedly blew out our wireless router.
Come to think of it, I had network problems with Mepis 6 too.

Installed Mint 7 to boot alongside PCLinuxOS 2009. All was well, except I like to kill time with Foobillard. Compiz and Foobillard don't seem to mix well. Out with Compiz, in with Foobillard. Works kinda good, but not as well as on PCLinuxOS.

So now I have XP, PCLinuxOS and Mint multibooting on my little Dell Inspiron.

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